Dell Studio Replacement Parts

Dell Studio Laptop Hard DriveDell Studio series is the mid priced Dell laptops that are priced above the Inspiron range but less than the more professional XPS range. The configuration too is on a higher side compared with the Inspiron range and on a lesser side compared with the Dell XPS range. The difference primarily lies in the parts like slot loading optical drives, better and more creative cover design options, media keys, backlit keyboards, LED backlit screens, HDMI and eSATA ports and faster and more advanced processors. Dell introduced the Studio series with Studio 15, Studio 17 and Studio Hybrid models. Later they also launched several studio models in desktop versions and desktop hybrids that featured laptop parts in desktops. However, due to low sales of hybrids they stopped selling them. And when they stopped selling them, most of the Dell studio hybrid parts were also taken off Dells online stores shelves. You can always buy Dell Studio parts on Dells website through the official store but then there are also several other retailers that sell the same Dell studio replacement parts. Now the question here is that why should anyone buy Dell laptop parts from any other retailer when Dell does sell them and that too with an unquestionable mark of genuineness? Well, the answer here can surprise many. The reason why you should buy from other online retailers selling Dell Studio parts is that they also sell the same parts and that too at a much discounted price, at times as much as 50 percent. Well, that is bound to surprise many. The point here is that Dell charges more than others because they have a certain brand value and that helps them charge more for any Dell studio part. As against this, online retailers often buy the same Dell Studio parts from manufacturers in bulk quantities and therefore get huge discounts. These online retailers are happy to pass on a part of this discount to buyers to attract them and to increase their sales and maintain profitability. Almost every part of a Dell studio laptop and desktop is replaceable. You can buy and upgrade or replace hard disk and RAM. Change the screen, keyboard, the ROM drive, batteries, Bluetooth port, touchpad, motherboard, speakers, bottom base plastic, cooling fan, card reader and almost every other part. However, how does a smart buyer identify the real from fakes? Well, the easiest way is by asking the online retailer a few questions. Make sure that you ask about the replacement/repair policy also.