E-Merrilltech on ShopWiki: A unique price comparison site

E-Merrilltech.com on ShopWikiShopWiki is a unique site which lets you get information about a wide range of products for purchasing. And currently it has covered a massive range of about 3 billion products. ShopWiki combines the need of knowledge of products with the ability to search the desirable products from the wide varieties. It provides all the basic necessary information about what you need to know when you want to make a choice.

Lets say I want to buy an mp3 player but I don’t have the idea what is the ideal kind of mp3 player to purchase from the current market. There is an MP3 player section in the Electronic Goods category which sports a page full of useful knowledge about the types of MP3 players available. I did not know until now that there existed 3 types, namely

  1. Hard Drive Models
  2. Micro / Mini Hard Drive
  3. Flash-Memory MP3 Players

The crux of the above information will definitely help an individual make more smart choice as apposed to information got by just searching out the popular brands or pestering your friends. You wouldn’t have to search for a briefing on the product anywhere else if it were not provided in a simple fashion as ShopWiki.

ShopWiki provides the list of available brands along with the list of most popular products (taken from C-NET) beneath the information. These list point out to the the array of the products a brand has or the specific model whichever you want to view. The information carried on the specific product page provides a rating for the product, its reviews and available stores. Take a look at the Ipod Nano Page. To check prices for the product at Ebay you don’t have to visit Ebay. Instead the Ebay tab will do the live check on the latest updated prices. This is something worth your time.

The best experience is on ShopWiki is to search for a desired product. The search results page is nicely represented by providing quick information when you hover the mouse on the list. There are video reviews for all the products and to specifically point of the best feature is the price meter. If you aren’t satisfied with the search based on price of the product then you can squeeze the price meter to refine your search. Besides that the brand and even the color can be selected for refining. The products are instantly updated. Check out the Grid view too.

If you want to decide for a gift then go to ShopWiki’s Directory which provides a comprehensive coverage on which gifts to choose from for any event or occasion. Check out the Chirstmas gifts section if you want to fill in those stockings at night. You can even try out the more helpful Gift Guide section to get advice on which gifts to purchase.

ShopWiki is an a truly useful concept in the world of millions of product which helps the consumer to get updated information on the products and make intelligent choices. Spending time on ShopWiki is like getting worth for every penny spent.