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Deal of the Day: Dell XPS 14z 14-inch Intel 2nd Gen Core i7 2.8GHz Ultra-thin Laptop w/8GB RAM & 750GB HDD

This is one of the best deals we’ve seen on Core i7 configuration in XPS 14z (rarely discounted). Base configuration also includes 1GB GeForce GT 520M graphics, 8-cell battery, 36-months McAfee SecurityCenter, and more.

Dell Home – 14-inch Dell XPS 14z Ultra-thin Laptop with Core i7-2640M 2.8GHz Dual-core CPU, 8GB RAM & 750GB HDD starting at $1,588.99 – $489 off – $50 stackable coupon: MZM8M?N8VNTMM0 applied during checkout (Expires soon after limited uses) = $1,049.99 with FREE shipping.

Dell latitude D620 Palmrest with Touch Pad - DK036
Dell latitude D620 Palmrest with Touch Pad – DK036

In need of Dell laptop replacement parts? has you covered. We carry everything from upgrading your hard drives, CD/DVD drive or memory to replacing your keyboards, palm rests, hinge covers, lcd screens and more. If it’s a Dell laptop part you need, we probably have it!’s eBay Store on eBayWe recently added our product line to our eBay store for the convenience of our eBay customer’s and friends.  As always, please contact us if you are in need of a specific part and do not happen to find it on our website , eBay or Amazon.  More than likely the part is available and simply has not been added online.  Thanks!

A Great Way To Commemorate An Old Friend

A Great Way To Commemorate An Old Friend When you can’t keep your computer functioning anymore, this is one way to deal with it: taking it apart and turning it into a piece of furniture. Much more sentimental (and creative) than tossing it in a landfill.

The end product is actually composed of two tables: an inner table that the boards are screwed into, and an outer wooden frame with glass to enclose the recycled computer innards.

This circuit board table is primarily made of components from an Intergraph 6880 with Edge II graphics (never heard of it? It’s a model from the late 80s and early 90s, the table owner’s first computer) along with 2800 baud modem parts. The boards and drives were carefully placed to fit together like puzzle pieces, and LED lights along the perimeter were wired to automatically illuminate this handiwork once it starts getting dark.

Consumer Computer Questions: Buy New or Repair?

AUSTIN, Tx:  If you’re looking to replace a broken computer, there are some options to consider.

You could get it repaired, or just buy a new one. If your computer doesn’t work, what do you do? Look for deals in store ads or call a computer repair shop. “I’ve definitely been getting more calls,” says Shawn Winget, technician and owner of Win Tech computer services. Saying the increase is connected to lots of reasons.

First, people want to save information stored on their hard drives. And second, saving money. “People may be more inclined to fix it, unless it’s more expensive to repair it than to buy a new one because the amount of Christmas shopping money and stuff is tight,” explains Winget.

Winget’s customers say repairing is the best option, “I can buy something that’s more expensive than what I paid for this at the time. In 2 months to a year, it will be outdated as well,” says Anne Vorheis.

Anne’s been using her Dell computer for seven years. A lifetime in the world of technology. Recently it’s been running slow and not staying on , so finding a solution that only costs a hundred dollars was a no brainer,”it does make sense for me.”

Stores like Best Buy are offering steep discounts. One advertised net book cost around the same as fixing it. And some Geek Squad employees say it may just make more sense to buy.

“Depends on the computer they have, how old it is or what benefits they’ll get from a new computer. With the holiday deals, there’s really good deals on computers,” explains Jason Reno, technician at Geek Squad.

Many  repair stores say if the costs exceed the value of the computer they recommend just buying new. But say some people prefer to stick with what they have.

Dell Drops Proprietary Parts: XPS 630

Dell, long dinged for using proprietary hardware in its gaming PCs, has seen the light. The company said such annoying traits such as proprietary motherboards and power supplies is now a thing of the past.

The first XPS to shed the proprietary hardware will be the new budget XPS630 gaming machine. Based on the nForce 650 ichipset, Dell claims you can swap the board, PSU out for any other ATX-spec hardware.

The change is a long overdue. In the past, Dell has used designs that looked ATX-like but were actually not. If you tried to swap the power supply in your Pentium III Dimension XPS B 733R years ago, you would have been greeted by charred motherboard as the company actually wired its PSU’s differently than the industry but did not key them differently. For years, PC Power and Cooling has made small side business selling Dell upgrade PSUs. More recently, the company has been called out over BTX support and even using a proprietary power plug in its more recent XPS gaming rigs.

Why the use of proprietary designs? Cynical observers have said the company was just trying to lock customers into buying parts exclusively from Dell. The company has long defended the practice by saying that the variations from spec were because its engineers found the specs to be lacking. But the heat from critics and machines such as Hewlett-Packard’s Blackbird 002 going all ATX apparently have forced Dell to see the light. Company officials said the mantra in Dell engineering is that varying from the spec’s must be avoided at all costs.

The change from proprietary parts won’t be the only new trick for the XPS630 though. Dell has taken a page from Hewlett-Packard and claims the XPS 630 will support either Nvidia’s dual-card SLI or AMD’s dual-card CrossFire cards. How can Dell do this? Maximum PC spoke to AMD graphics officials who said the capability is being offered only to select OEMs who take the responsibility for making sure the drivers fully work with the BIOSes on the motherboards.

So why not just release such a driver to the public to let any nForce-user run CrossFire? The company said it is worried that a certain company could affect the performance of its cards when CrossFire is run on an SLI board so public support just isn’t going to happen. In the case of Dell and HP, AMD feels both have enough influence to keep performance problems from cropping up on their systems. For now, the CrossFire support is only through drivers obtained directly from Dell.
Dell says the XPS 630 will also be the first tier one OEM system to support Nvidia’s Enthusiast System Architecture. In the XPS 630’s case, ESA will let the user control the lights in the system. ESA support for the PSU or other components will not be initially supported.

The $1,300 version of the XPS 630 will ship with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Quad Q6600, GeForce 8800GT and a 750 watt power supply. Dell said the BIOS on the XPS 630 will support overclocking and is upgradeable to both dual and quad-core Intel Penryn CPUs.

Dell Studio Replacement Parts

Dell Studio Laptop Hard DriveDell Studio series is the mid priced Dell laptops that are priced above the Inspiron range but less than the more professional XPS range. The configuration too is on a higher side compared with the Inspiron range and on a lesser side compared with the Dell XPS range. The difference primarily lies in the parts like slot loading optical drives, better and more creative cover design options, media keys, backlit keyboards, LED backlit screens, HDMI and eSATA ports and faster and more advanced processors. Dell introduced the Studio series with Studio 15, Studio 17 and Studio Hybrid models. Later they also launched several studio models in desktop versions and desktop hybrids that featured laptop parts in desktops. However, due to low sales of hybrids they stopped selling them. And when they stopped selling them, most of the Dell studio hybrid parts were also taken off Dells online stores shelves. You can always buy Dell Studio parts on Dells website through the official store but then there are also several other retailers that sell the same Dell studio replacement parts. Now the question here is that why should anyone buy Dell laptop parts from any other retailer when Dell does sell them and that too with an unquestionable mark of genuineness? Well, the answer here can surprise many. The reason why you should buy from other online retailers selling Dell Studio parts is that they also sell the same parts and that too at a much discounted price, at times as much as 50 percent. Well, that is bound to surprise many. The point here is that Dell charges more than others because they have a certain brand value and that helps them charge more for any Dell studio part. As against this, online retailers often buy the same Dell Studio parts from manufacturers in bulk quantities and therefore get huge discounts. These online retailers are happy to pass on a part of this discount to buyers to attract them and to increase their sales and maintain profitability. Almost every part of a Dell studio laptop and desktop is replaceable. You can buy and upgrade or replace hard disk and RAM. Change the screen, keyboard, the ROM drive, batteries, Bluetooth port, touchpad, motherboard, speakers, bottom base plastic, cooling fan, card reader and almost every other part. However, how does a smart buyer identify the real from fakes? Well, the easiest way is by asking the online retailer a few questions. Make sure that you ask about the replacement/repair policy also.